RF & Microwave Division

RF & Microwave Division of Sahajanand Laser Tech. Ltd. provides a complete solution for the measurements in SHIELDED ANECHOIC CHAMBERS, RF Microwave Absorbers and related fields. The division is leaded by Dr.Kanhiya Lal (Executive Director-RF & Microwave Division) under the supervision of our Managing Director Shri Arvind L. Patel. The division is under continuous growth since 2007, started in association with earlier K.V. Microwave Materials have its genesis back in 1978. We provide an international quality product range. We supply our various products in India and abroad. With a dedicated team of scientists and engineers department is highly motivated to provide 100% customer satisfaction. The company provides solutions to scientific research institutes both private and government organizations around the globe. The major export hotspot for SLTL are the countries in Indian subcontinent, South East Asia, Middle East, Russia, China, Europe, USA, Canada, and Latin America. SLTL has carved out a specific position for its products in the Global market with in-house strong multi-disciplinary R&D team consisting of research scholars, engineers specialised in fields of microwave, software, electrical, mechanical and instrumentation. It believes in Excellence through Empowering Innovations.

SLTL RF & Microwave Division's Strength :


The company has three manufacturing units setup at Gandhinagar - India. Housing the state of the art research labs and technology center for developing Microwave Material for high end applications. There are scientists and engineers working on the development of new products.



It is our vision to provide Hi-tech Solutions commercially viable and accessible to all strata of industries through Synergy of Human Brains & Technology pursuing ethical and socially respectable practices.


Our mission is to be a Total Solution Provider with innovative quality products through technical expertise and effective & efficient services for complete/ total customer satisfaction.


  • Building Human Organisation
  • Universal Tolerance and Acceptance
  • Empowering Employees to Act
  • Creating Openness in Communication
  • Facilitating Ownership of Process and Outcome
  • Promoting a Culture of Collaboration
  • Promoting Enquiry and Continuous Learning


    • Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd E-30, GIDC, Sector 26, Electronics Estate, Gandhinagar, Gujarat - 382 028, INDIA.
    • Email: microwave@sahajanandlaser.com
    • Website: www.sltmicrowave.com
    • Contact Person: Dr. Kanhiya Lal
      Mobile No: +91 - 9810596888