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Welcome to RF & Microwave Division of Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited

Manufacturer & Exporter of Microwave Absorbers, RADAR Absorbent Materials, Shielded Anechoic Chambers and EMI/EMC Test Ranges for both Civil and Defence needs. Major customers include Defence Research and Development Organisations (DRDO), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Leading manufacturers in the Telecom Industry, and R&D Organizations. Our satisfied customer base spans across continents and has presence in India, USA, Italy, Germany, Israel, France and many more countries.

Technologies We Serve

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Our Product Range

Microwave Absorber

We are a leading manufacturer of Pyramidal Microwave Absorbers, Wedge Microwave Absorber, Walk on Microwave Absorber, Convoluted Microwave Absorbers, Flat Multi Layered Microwave Absorbers, Hybrid Microwave Absorbers supplying in Indian govt organizations and exports also in various countries.
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RADAR Absorbant Materials

Scattering and diffractions at high frequencies due to the presence of edges and singularities in case of pyramidal shape of conventional microwave absorber, have been avoided/reduced by keeping a conical shape of new RADAR Absorbent Material. Especially for Ship Bone applications.
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Clean Room Absorbers

Clean Room Absorbers are suitable for applications where clean room conditions are to be maintained. Clean Room Absorbers are specially treated so that it do not emit more particles without affecting the overall performance. These absorbers are used in medical equipment testing, satellite installation facilities etc.
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EMI Suppression Sheets(EMC and Noise Suppression)

Broad-band thin EMI suppression absorbers were designed to suppress radiated noise from electronic devices for broadband frequency range.It find many application such as to suppress noise radiation in Mobile phones, Laptops, TV set top boxes, Car audio and Video systems, and Optical reception modules, Wireless LAN, Scanner and HDD.
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Stepped matched loads for waveguide

We have developed a series of short match loads which can be used for various frequency bands. These step short match loads can be customized as per the customers requirement to terminate a port of a microwave device.
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A nearly reflection free, indoor measurement system has been designed, developed and evaluated for different applications and fields like antennas, EMI/EMC, RCS measurement and scattering studies, etc.
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Broadband microwave honeycomb absorber

Broadband microwave honeycomb thin flat absorbers were fabricated in fiberglass /poly carbonate based honeycomb core having "lossy" coating to it. The honeycomb absorber can have a uniform coating to optimize insertion loss or a graded coating to optimize reflection loss.
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Microwave Absorbent Paint

The Microwave Absorbent Paint has been aimed to use on blend surfaces where Surface Current Attenuating Sheet and foam based absorbers are not desirable. Microwave Absorbent Paint can reduce the radar cross section (RCS) of complex object, reduce false echo or ghost images on a Naval ships radar etc.
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Surface Current Attenuating Sheet

These thin magnetically loaded sheet are aimed to attenuate surface currents from 1.0 GHz to millimeter wave, wherever surface currents may occur, say in solid state microwave devices such as Amplifiers, Oscillators, down/up converters, reduction of RCS of Complex objects etc.
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  • Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd E-30, GIDC, Sector 26, Electronics Estate, Gandhinagar, Gujarat - 382 028, INDIA.
  • Email: microwave@sahajanandlaser.com
  • Website: www.sltmicrowave.com
  • Contact Person: Dr. Kanhiya Lal
    Mobile No: +91 - 9810596888